World Peace Forum Society

The World Peace Forum Society was established to organize the World Peace Forum in Vancouver in June of 2006. As a result of the success of the forum the members of the society voted in the winter of 2007 to continue working to create spaces and events where activists, academics and artists committed to promoting peace, social justice and sustainability could get together to discuss and plan.

In September of 2007 the World Peace Forum organized Peace Without Borders at Peace Arch Park on the Canadian-U.S. border. This was a unique opportunity for peace and social justice activists from the two countries to meet. Among other things it produced the first joint statement by the BC Federation of Labour and the Washington State Labor Council, calling for an end to the wars against the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan.

In November of 2008 a Teach-In- ‘Ninety Years After The War To End All Wars’- was held on the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War at the Maritime Labour Centre in Vancouver. Several hundred participants attended more than 30 plenaries and workshops over three days. Topics ranged from Canada’s ‘peacekeeping’ activities in Haiti to the BC labour movements anti-war activities during World War I, from presentations on ‘Oil, Blood Money and Empire’ to a keynote address by Tariq Ali to a special presentation of ‘My Name Is Rachel Corrie’ by Neworld Theatre.

In November of 2009 we held the next Teach-In ‘1929-1939 – From Crash to Catastrophe’. It looked at key events between the onset of the world wide economic crisis in October of 1929 and the beginning of World War II in September of 1939. This period, rich in historic lessons for today’s activists, was explored through plenary sessions, workshops and artistic exhibits and performances. There were presentations and discussions that drew on what peace and social and economic justice activists were doing last year as we were (and still are) confronted by another world economic crisis and new wars, including the war against the earth.

Many of the presentations from all of the Teach-Ins are available on the World Peace Forum web site. Click on ‘videos’.  (At the moment this is under reconstruction, please go to Working TV or to view the videos)


The best Teach In will be the one with as many contributions to its form and content as possible. Over one hundred people signed up as being interested in future events at Peace Without Borders and an equal number at the 2008 Teach In. This is an opportunity to help make the next event as good as it can be.

Anyone who wants to be a member of the World Peace Forum Society and who agrees with its basic ideas, expressed in The Vancouver Declaration- available on our web site- is welcome to come, join the society and participate in creating the next Teach In and other society activities. We want to build as representative and diverse an organization as the movement against war, social injustice, economic inequality and environmental degradation

Gary Cristall, Mable Elmore, Mehran Ramsey, Ingo Schmidt, Rachel Tutte, Elsie Dean, Chris Shelton, Mahmood Rowshandeli, Jasmin Ramsey, Matt Smith, Nadia Podmoroff

World Peace forum

The World Peace Forum Society was formed in 2006 to bring together activists, academics and artists to work for a peaceful, just and sustainable world. We strive to make sense of the world we live and act in by looking at the roots of the present in the experiences of the past, and try to envision a direction for the future. Since 2008 we have organized an annual fall Teach-In and an alternative Remembrance Day cultural event.