WPF 2013 Schedule


“If Capitalism Doesn’t Work, What Will?”

Billions of people without work, millions of people losing their homes, valuable public services cut and cut again, people and our environment discarded as worthless, and an economy that doesn’t work for most of us.

Capitalism has brought us all of this. We are told again and again that there is no alternative. But now, more and more, people around the world are searching for alternatives.

The 6th annual World Peace Forum Teach In will look at some of today’s breaking points, at the struggles taking place, and at some ideas for alternative ways our society could be organized.

Speakers who aspire to build on the socialist legacy while avoiding the errors of the past will share and discuss their thoughts on how to move forward and build a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

Sat. Nov. 2, 2013
SFU Harbour Centre
9:00am to 5:00pm
Facebook group: World Peace Forum


World Peace Forum Society

The World Peace Forum Society was established to organize the World Peace Forum in Vancouver in June of 2006. As a result of the success of the forum the members of the society voted in the winter of 2007 to continue working to create spaces and events where activists, academics and artists committed to promoting peace, social justice and sustainability could get together to discuss and plan.

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