WORLD PEACE FORUM TEACH IN, Saturday November 18, 2017


The powers that be are celebrating the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Confederation and the consolidation of the Canadian state with all its varied oppressions. They are also commemorating the 100th anniversary of the battle at Vimy Ridge. And the Centennial and Montreal World’s Fair of 1967.

We at the World Peace Forum don’t see anything to either celebrate or commemorate in these events.

1867 marks the first edition of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital, a work that for the first time explained how the system we live under works, and how to get rid of it and replace it with something human. 1917 is the year which brought us the October Revolution and the creation of the first socialist government and workers’ state. It gave hope to millions around the world that what Marx had suggested in his book could be put into practice. 1967 is known as the ‘summer of love’ when the counterculture emerged, and with it a regenerated Socialism.

For its tenth Teach In the World Peace Forum Society will organize a series of presentations and discussions looking at the resonance of Marx’s book, the Russian Revolution and the Sixties. What is their relevance today? What can activists learn from them? We have identified a series of topics from an examination of the continuing relevance of the Cuban Revolution to the crisis of capitalist economics with the failure of neoliberalism to the ecological disaster becoming more and more evident.

Please join us as we learn, discuss and work towards the creation of a peaceful, just and sustainable world. SFU Harbour Centre, 515 W Hastings, Vancouver, BC. 9am to 5pm.

Tickets at the door. $25 for the whole day, no one turned away for lack of funds.


Welcome and introduction

9:30 From Moscow to Baku to Bandung to Porto Alegre: Anticolonial Revolutions and the Making of Today’s North-South Divisions Unleashing Counterrevolution Against The Ghost of Revolution Cuba – A Case Apart
10:45 The Effects of the Russian Revolution And Marx’s Good Book on Today’s World


12:30 Their Anniversaries and Ours – 1867,1917 and 1967 What’s Left? – New Social Movements What’s Next? – The Decay of Neoliberalism
1:45 Canadian Colonialism (United Colours of Colonialism)
3:00 The Big Squeeze – automation, debt, housing, reserve army of labour, ‘austerity’, immigration and emigration – how are we fighting back? The Ultimate Capitalist Crisis- The Anthropocene and Its Discontents Utopia versus Dystopia – Where Is the Inspiration to Reinvent Socialist Hope?

Corbyn to Cuba

4:15 David Rovics performs: They Have Their Anniversaries, We Have Ours


World Peace Forum Society

The World Peace Forum Society was formed in 2006 to bring together activists, academics and artists to work for a peaceful, just and sustainable world. We strive to make sense of the world we live and act in by looking at the roots of the present in the experiences of the past, and try to envision a direction for the future. Since 2008 we have organized an annual fall Teach-In and an alternative Remembrance Day cultural event.